train with confidence

Let us take the guesswork out of your marathon training with a set plan that will prepare you for race day.  Whether completing your first marathon or serious about taking a chunk off your PB, we can help you achieve your goals.  

Our plans are completely personalised - based on your goal time, fitness level, running experience, weekly mileage, and preferred training days.  We'll create a bespoke program with specific training targets and  paces that are right for you.

Your training will be delivered using Training Peaks (don't have an account? we'll create one for you!) so that you can access your plan from any computer or mobile device.  You'll be able to record your training results and track your progress all the way up to race day.

Prefer a more interactive training experience with a dedicated coach and daily support?  Consider our online coaching package!

How it works

After your purchase, we'll get in touch via email to find about about your training and racing history so far, as well as your preferred training days, goal finishing time and race date.  If you're unsure what time to aim for, we can help you set a realistic goal!  Your plan is designed from the ground up - you can tell us if you've got any other races coming up before the marathon, what your strengths and weaknesses are, as well as your past results and training preferences.


Once we know more about you, we'll create your detailed personalised plan and send your program via Training Peaks, along with a personal login if you don't already have one.  To help you track your progress, you'll be able to log your daily training either via GPS device upload or manual entry.

What's included: a completely customised daily marathon training plan, with target paces for every training session, determined by your current fitness level and marathon goal time.  Training sessions are described in detail, allowing you to follow this plan completely independently.  We'll also send you an information sheet with tips for race day, race nutrition, and how to adapt your program if you miss one or more days training. 


If you think you'd like to train in a more supported way, with a dedicated coach and frequent feedback and updates, why not consider an online coaching package!

plan for success

A training plan from Missing Link Coaching helped me take half an hour off my marathon time.  The plan was easy to follow and left me feeling prepared and ready for race day.

-Amit Ginzburg, Jerusalem, Israel

previous PB: 3:30, new PB: 2:59

I mainly run ultras but I noticed I was becoming a bit of a plodder from so much long, slow stuff.  I started a marathon program to improve my speed.  Missing Link Coaching helped me develop my speed and achieve a massive marathon PB.

-Janson Heath, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

previous PB 3:18, new PB: 3:06

I just ran 3:34 in York Marathon!  There's no way in hell I'd have done that without Missing Link Coaching!

- Eleanor Knowles, Ambleside, UK

previous PB 3:50