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Workshop - Winter hill training (Cork)

Workshop - Winter hill training (Cork)


Join us in Bweeng, Co. Cork for a half-day workshop on strength & technique training for mountain & trail runners.


When: Saturday 13 January @ 1000-1400 at the Laharn Cross Heritage Centre, in Bweeng, Co. Cork.


What you’ll learn:

Winter strength training exercises ideal for trail & mountain runners, and how to incorporate them into your training


Methods for improving climbing strength & uphill running economy


A clear, step-by-step process to improve your downhill running technique


Each participant will receive a detailed document on the theory behind the practical sessions and videos of the exercises we'll cover


If you are someone who refers to themselves as "bad" at running up or downhill, or if you are looking for ways to optimise your winter base training, then this workshop is for you!

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