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Coaching group terms

Group coaching differs from one-to-one coaching in both being lower cost, and in that all communication will be through the Whatsapp group and the online coaching Q&A sessions.  If you would prefer a more personalised interaction, why not consider our fully-supported one to one coaching!  Here's what's included when you sign up for the Dragon's Back coaching group: 

  • Communication with your coaches will be conducted via the official Whatsapp chat group and monthly coaching webinars.  We'd kindly ask that all queries come through the Whatsapp group so that all members of the coaching group can benefit from the shared information.  Coaches will be available every Monday to Friday on the chat group, to answer training queries.

  • Webinars will be held via Zoom one evening in the first week of each month, with invited expert speakers, and a chance for participants to ask questions about their upcoming training.  If you are unable to attend a particular month’s Q&A session, you can still send in your questions ahead of time.  The webinars will be recorded and posted online for playback.  Queries can also be posted in the Whatsapp group if you need to miss a webinar.  Dates for these monthly sessions will be posted nearer the time.

  • Any races that you have entered other than the Dragon’s Back Race can be included in your training program - but the training program will be tailored first and foremost towards DBR preparation.

  • Any races, events, training trips to the mountains or other commitments that you would like to be included in your training plan should be entered into Training Peaks for the upcoming month by the 25th of the preceding month.  For instance, April scheduling considerations would need to be entered into Training Peaks by 25 March.  We'll send a group reminder so that you never forget!  If you need to make unanticipated adjustments to your program, coaches will be available via Facebook to advise.  For instance, if you plan to head to the mountains to train in May, but are not yet sure of the date, you can mark this provisionally in Training Peaks and if the date needs to be changed, we can advise on how best to adjust your training schedule nearer the time.

  • Membership in the DBR coaching group is non-transferable (i.e. only for the named participant).

  • If you would like to leave the coaching group (e.g. due to injury) one month’s notice is needed, to allow your place to be filled by someone on the waiting list.

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