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Get more from your training

We offer bespoke online coaching to help you make the most of your training and achieve your performance goals. We can provide structure to your training with a personalised plan that is updated each week as you progress towards your long-term aims.  We’ll help you to ensure that you strike the right balance between training intensity and recovery, that your training is specific to your goal events, and that your fitness peaks coincide with your most important races.  Your program is created with your individual work-life commitments in mind, so that your training plan creates an achievable path to success.



1. We start with an initial consultation to discuss your training history, lifestyle, current running form and future goals.

2. We create a long-term program which identifies your key aims from week to week based on your racing targets. This plan spans a number of months and builds toward your main events of the season. Within this structure, we then create a detailed day-to-day training plan which is updated weekly.

3. We analyse your training data each week, and adjust your short-term and long-term plans based on your progress. At the end of each cycle we'll repeat the consultation process to start planning for the next season.

coaching for all

Our runners span a huge range of ages and experience levels.  We coach everyone from total beginners to seasoned runners competing internationally.  For competitive runners, our coaching can offer the extra structure, challenge and scientific approach needed to get you closer to your full potential.  For beginners, we offer support and guidance with everything from how to fuel your training to advice on shoes and injury prevention.

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